AIGA 100 Keepsakes: With Spark Letterpress at AIGA 2013


A building full of design enthusiasts and professionals, along with a vintage letterpress from the early 1900’s sounds like the perfect match! At the AIGA conference in Minneapolis this week (October 10-12), you’ll have a chance to print a number of AIGA coasters, postcards, and more on a refurbished letterpress and Mohawk paper, to celebrate 100 years of AIGA!


Valerie Carlson, owner of Spark Letterpress in South Dakota, will be hosting a number of hands-on letterpress workshops on-site at the conference this week. Attendees will be able to create AIGA coasters, postcards and more. All of this letterpressing will take place on a refurbished letterpress from the early 1900’s that Valerie is driving up to Minneapolis, from her studio in Sioux Falls.

Spark Letterpress was started by Valerie and her husband when they lived in Minneapolis, the site of the AIGA conference this year. Both designers by trade, Jim and Valerie designed and printed their first custom letterpress stationery on a Chandler & Price 10×15 new series. Since then, they’ve moved back to South Dakota to expand the business with the help of family, and are represented by more than 120 retailers nationally.


All demo materials will be letterpressed on a variety of Mohawk papers, so attendees will have the chance to see and understand how different grades of Strathmore, Mohawk Loop, Mohawk Options, and Mohawk Superfine showcase letterpress, and everyone will walk away with a keepsake.

We hope to see you there!

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