The Untold Story of Enve+Lope: How the Envelope Came to Be


The story goes like this: Young Enve and Lope meet as friends in class, exchanging doodles and notes of affection. The relationship grows through time and is strengthened by a shared love of poetry, music, design, European travel, and, of course, love notes.  The culmination of the story – marriage. We sat down with Ms.Enve and Mr.Lope to talk about how they fell in love through notes and letters.


Q. Lope, what was the first thing you noticed about Enve?
A. Her hot pink bow from across the room. We were just kids, but, like a fish to a lure I was hooked. I wanted to write her a note to see if she’d notice me.

Q. Enve, what made you pay attention to Lope?
A. First of all, he thought I was pretty! Plus he noticed that my favorite color was pink. How many boys notice pink?


Q. Lope, what’s your favorite gift from Enve over the years?
A. She made me a mix tape that was all about us being together. I’ve got an old cassette player hanging around to listen to it because it’s timeless, just like Enve.

Q. Enve, how’d did you choose the songs?
A. I was feeling very much in love, so I chose songs about how we were meant to be. And a song all about how he was so super-fine.


Q. Have you ever been apart?
A. Enve: Yes, I lived in Paris for a time. While I enjoyed everything about my visit, I missed Lope all the while. Our love letters helped me feel like we weren’t so far apart.


A. Lope: While Enve was away, I loved being able to make and send her little surprises. I wanted to let her know I was thinking of her, no matter where she was.


Q. Do you have special nicknames for each other?
A. Lope: Yes. Ours aren’t that unique, but Enve will always bee the Queen of my heart.


A. Enve: And Lope has been my King from the start.


Q. Lope, how did you propose?
A. With a love letter of course!

Q. Enve, did you say yes right away?
A. Certainly! Even though we’d been writing love letters for years, that was the official start of our union, “Envelope”.

Stay tuned for more marriage news coming soon from Enve + Lope!

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