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When giving out a business card, you want to leave a lasting, and professional, impression. You also want to stand out from the crowd, to be remembered fondly. The Luxe Project by Moo has teamed up with Kid Yeah! to bring you Greetings & Salutations, a new line of  business cards that will certainly help separate you from the pack. And, as with all Luxe Projects, the proceeds from this collection will be donated to Kid Yeah!’s charity of choice for the next month.

Kid Yeah!, also known as Sebastian Esche when not designing t-shirts for Adidas, wants to make people smile. “Greetings & Salutations is primarily about putting a smile on someone’s face,” says the German based Kid Yeah!. And he certainly does. Even the landing page of his website greets you with a large, simply stated welcome, “Hey there, gorgeous.”



What was his inspiration for the collection? “I wanted to find a way for people to make a friendly first and last impression, especially for those times when you don’t get the chance for a proper hello or goodbye. And I wanted to work with typography; that’s my love,” he says.


Greetings & Salutations is a collection of seven Business Cards with friendly messages from “Have a Good One” and “Call me Maybe” to “Hey There” and “Greetings Stranger.” As with all collections for The Luxe Project, Kid Yeah!’s designs will be printed on MOO’s super-­‐premium Luxe Business Cards, which combine Quadplex layering technology with Mohawk Superfine™ paper and offer a unique center seam of color. Kid Yeah! has coordinated the color of the type for each set to match the center fill colors, offering  black, blue and red sets.


Kid Yeah! chose the organization Scope as the charity to receive 100% of the net proceeds from the sales of his collection. Scope is a UK-­‐based organization whose aim is very simple: To create a world where disabled people are offered the same opportunities as everybody else, in education, in work, and in the community. “I am personally involved with three other global charities – they’re big foundations with big fundraising efforts. I want to use this chance to make a difference for a smaller charity that doesn’t get as much of the spotlight as the more well-­‐known charities do, an organization where even smaller-­‐scale donations can make a big impact,” he says.


The Luxe Project is an initiative that teams brilliant creatives with Luxe Business Cards by MOO – and helps good causes as well. Each new designer’s collection is showcased for a month, and 100% of net proceeds from sales of that collection during that timeframe will go to the designer’s charity of choice. To date, The Luxe Project has raised over $30,000. Help them raise a little more, and spread some happiness of your own, with a purchase from the Greetings & Salutations collection.

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