Destination: Pat Reagh’s scenic, sassy shower


[Alyson Kuhn] Letterpress printer Pat (a.k.a. P@) Reagh likes to play with words. So, he wrote a parody of Beatrice Warde’s famed “This is a printing office” broadside, in homage to his remodeled shower. May you smile while you read this tile!

Reagh found a place in Chicago that makes ceramic decals — the decals are printed with glaze, to be fired onto pottery. Reagh’s friend Peter Shire, an artist in Los Angeles, fired the tile in his kiln. Reagh proudly points out, “The tile buckled a smidge, which is cool — because it looks like a crinkle in a sheet of paper.”

The shower room also features one work on paper letterpress printed by Reagh (above). He comments, “The ‘proper’ broadside resides in my bathroom as a reference for those who are unaware of the historical context. You know, the unwashed masses. I printed it in 2009. It is suitable for framing, and yes, there are a few available for sale should anyone be interested.”

As you can see (hint) from his assortment of business cards, no detail is too small to delight Reagh. You have to keep your eye(s) on him all the time.

Peter Shire, who fired the broadside tile, also has a piece of art in the shower room (above).

Several prints by British artist and wood engraver John O’Connor also grace the walls, including this one, appropriately titled, “Boy Bathing.”

“Fang, Fane, Fleer,” a print by Anthony Miller — a long-time friend of Reagh’s parents — above the door gives a final impression, so to speak, that “this is a tasteful room, crossroads of artistic influences.”

The answer to the question “Who says a display type can’t be a body type?” is, “Pat Reagh, that’s who,” set in understated matching type on the back. For emphasis, gigantic letters spelling PAT are printed beneath, formed by various bodies in rather somewhat unnatural positions. We are not showing the card’s backside, in much the same spirit that Pat joked he would not pose au naturel in his shower!

Business card photos: © 2011 StudioAlex


Pat Reagh’s work was featured in an earlier Felt & Wire report about the highly sought-after Elegy broadside. Persons interested in acquiring a copy of Reagh’s “This is a printing office” may email him: [email protected]

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Comments (2)

  1. Posted by Molly M on 10.13.11 at 9:55 pm

    You should see him naked…why no pictures of p@?

  2. Posted by Kseniya on 02.13.13 at 4:52 pm

    If printers dreamed about showers, they would surely dream about this one.

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