CBS Sunday Morning wakes up to MINE business cards

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[Tom Biederbeck] Christopher Simmons and his fellow first-person possessives at the San Francisco studio MINE are in the business of making all sorts of smart stuff. So it’s not surprising that three of their super-smart business card creations (all on Mohawk) appeared in a recent CBS Sunday Morning segment titled “The Business of Designing Business Cards.” With my appetite whetted by Nancy Wu’s Business Card Collection 4.0 earlier this week, I had to share three more.

If you watch the video, you’ll see a furious array of cards. They move fast, so here are MINE’s in stationary mode:

Cards for NRG Marketing are on Mohawk Options 100% PC White Smooth 130# Double Thick Cover.

Cards for the House of Air (great name for an indoor trampoline park, non?) are on Mohawk Options 100% PC White Smooth Cover, with wraparound sticker.

This one is the cherry, kids: MINE’s own business card on Mohawk Superfine 65# Cover: two sheets, laminated to a laser-cut center sheet in black (Mohawk Pegasus Midnight Black 130# Cover). Says Simmons, “We played with a lot of different paper stocks and Hemlock Printers made a lot of prototypes for us until we achieved the right degree of opacity. The outer stock had to be thin enough to allow light to pass through to reveal the stenciled name, but thin enough that the inner black sheet didn’t show through and make the card appear gray.” This card is a personal favorite of mine!

Christopher Simmons is a designer, writer, educator, design advocate and principal of the San Francisco design office MINE.

Watch the whole CBS Sunday Morning segment here.

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  1. Posted by Shark2better7 on 07.23.12 at 8:52 pm

    peggle me that and not her dimmer is on fan toggle not switch, lol.

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