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[Tom Biederbeck] David Carson shook the world of graphic design in the 1990s with Beach Culture and Ray Gun magazines. His arresting visual and typographic style reflected — in fact, personified — the decade’s waves of technological and social change. Now he’s is back in print-periodical form with CARSON magazine, landing the first week in March.

In his ’90s magazines and a succession of influential projects and publications, Carson created a distinctively disruptive voice that’s pervaded design and visual culture ever since. The new CARSON magazine promises more of the same, but with a massively ambitious scope: In the words of the publishers, it will “cover art, fashion, design, architecture, literature, photography and more.”

The L.A.-based magazine is to be published six times per year; a subscription is $36.95 (U.S. delivery; Canadian and international rates available).

Each issue will carry its own theme, beginning with the inaugural issue on Survival. (From the editorial calendar: “Whether from life-threatening illness, global catastrophe, or just finding a place in a world that shifts and changes, artists, writers and photographers will bring their stories to life, accompanied by the return to print of our esteemed Creative Director David Carson.”) Subsequent themes include Fame, The “Green” Issue, Globalization, Future and — closest to our hearts — Print (“print has died and been resurrected”).

David Carson’s first book (with Lewis Blackwell) was titled The End of Print; it’s thought to be the top-selling graphic design book of all time … which, when you think about it, could be a kind of ironic gloss on the book’s title. CARSON magazine will no doubt offer many more “hold that thought” moments on the future of the print medium.

Learn more at the magazine’s Facebook page; sign up for tweets. Find more information is available at David Carson Design.

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