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[Alyson Kuhn] Let your envelope be your guide … to creating lovely valentines to brighten the mailboxes of your correspondents. There’s a popular saying to the effect that the clothes make the man. Well, we’d like to suggest that the envelope makes the mail, especially for Valentine’s Day.

Find your true inspiration in a full range of standard sizes — from the smallest-mailable 4 Baronial through all the A-sizes to #10 and even 9 x 12. Mohawk Fine Papers makes it easy to buy just a band of 10 or a box of 250, in umpteen shades and textures of white and a near-riot of reds. I’m planning to send valentines to my Felt & Wire correspondents in a red foil-lined A6 (Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Eggshell, 62-M139622) — the next best thing to actually sending a dark chocolate confection wrapped in red foil. While I was in a bonbon frame of mind, I also considered using a dark chocolate A2 (Mohawk Carnival Vellum Coco, 62-M83282). Tasty!

If you have a correspondence card, you can turn it into a valentine just by tucking it into a pink, red or purple #10 (letter-size envelope, 4.13 x 9.5 in.). If you’re designing cards to fit in a #10, the ideal is to make them 9.25 in. long (rather than 8.5 in.) to fill the envelope. Consider 10-packs of: Red (Mohawk Britehue Text , 62-M99865); Light Pink (Mohawk Via Smooth, 62-M50960); square-flapped Rose Quartz (Mohawk Loop Smooth, 62-M00610); Ultra Pink (Mohawk Britehue Text, 62-M76355); Ultra Fuchsia (Mohawk Britehue Text, 62-M79047); or Violet (Mohawk Britehue Text, 62-M80328). Or declare it a red-envelope season with a box of 500 Red #10s with stately square flaps (Mohawk Carnival Vellum, 63-M123413).

I’m a big believer in the delight of small envelopes. The Mohawk Paper Store offers many 4 Baronial envelopes (3.63 x 5.13 in., the smallest mailable size). A box of 250 rich red envelopes (Mohawk Carnival Vellum Red, 63-M130254) translates to just 30¢/env … a dandy deal to inspire theme mailings for Valentine’s Day and Fourth of July/Bastille Day and Christmas. Or show your love for the environment (as well as for your friends) by using a 4 Bar made from 100% PCW (Mohawk Options 100% PCW White, 63-M134854). The stock is nice ’n’ heavy 80t, and the price is nice ’n’ light, less than 20¢/env.

You’ll also find announcement envelopes aplenty at the Mohawk Paper Store, to suit your heart’s desire. If you’re in the mood to design a ’tine on a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper, then fold it into quarters, an A2 (4.38 x 5.75 in.) will hold it perfectly. I am partial to the Feltmark finish (think of watercolor paper), with 10-packs of A2s available in:  Chili (62-M00133); Coco (62-M00140); and Iris (62-M00164). On the bright side (chromatically speaking), 10-packs of A2, A6 and A7 envelopes are available in Ultra-shades of pink and purple and, of course, “regulation” red. Tip: The Shop by Feature tab is an easy way to consider all your choices by paper or shade or size.

If you’re inspired to send a lot of love, a broadside or a pad of paper, and are looking for a tall, dark, handsome envelope, you’re  in luck. Many Mohawk Loop shades are available as 9 x 12 booklet envelopes, including Chili (shown above, Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Chili, 62-M00028) and Iris (Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Iris, 62-M00062), the deepest of purples.

As February 14 approaches, may you be enveloped with seasonal inspiration! And we would love to add your valentine to our wall of love. Click here for details.

The truly vibrant valentines in our lead photo are from Grant Design Collaborative. They’re available as a set, with white A2 envelopes, at Felt & Wire Shop.

The truly lovely calligraphy in our bottom photo is by graphic designer Alisara Tareekes, member of the Society for Calligraphy of Southern California.

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