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I read. A lot. And I enjoy talking about the books I’m reading. My impromptu reviews must be fairly convincing, because most of these conversations end with, “I’d love to read that when you’re done.”. Which works for me, since I also love to share. My only challenge is that I usually end up promising the same book to several people. Not a big deal if the books make it back to me, but they rarely do. I don’t mind, really, but I do end up with a disappointed future reader once in awhile.

l’ve been looking for a solution to my little dilemma. Something pretty and papery, of course. And if letterpress is involved, it will be a big plus. I’ve researched bookplates like the letterpressed examples at the left by Moontree Letterpress and Lunalux respectively. I think these would work great for books I definitely want to keep. But what about those that I’m happy to share?

I found a lovely Library Kit at Paper Source that brings me right back to grade school [when I could never remember to get my books back on time] and some awesome vintage cards and pockets at Papier Valise. But, alas – no letterpress. The closest I’ve come to paper perfection is a letterpressed birthday card from Simplesong Designs made to look like a library card, which is perfect when giving a book as a gift, but not intended to be a bookplate.

Now, if I could only find a personalized, letterpress library card/pocket bookplate… am I asking too much? The search continues… In the meantime, here’s a template for a library card pocket that you can print and cut out for your own book-sharing adventures.

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