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Please contact [email protected] for permission to use the Mohawk name and Mohawk mark in marketing materials.

Environmental Calculator Icons

Mohawk’s Environmental Calculator shows how your decisions can make a measurable difference to the environment. You are welcome to use the icons found in calculator the when publishing the Mohawk Environmental Calculator results on your printed piece.

Contact [email protected] for EPS files.

 Windpower Marks

Mohawk purchases enough Green-e certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) to match 100% of the electricity used in our operations.  If you would like to include the Mohawk Windpower logo on your print collateral, please follow our usage guidelines.  

Contact [email protected] for EPS files.

 Carbon Neutral Logos

Paper is made carbon neutral within Mohawk’s production processes by offsetting thermal manufacturing emissions with VERs, and by purchasing enough Green-e certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) to match 100% of the electricity used in our operations. 

Contact [email protected] for EPS files.

 Recycled logos

Please be aware that it is recommended to include the percent recycled content in the center of the chasing arrows, directly below the chasing arrows, or in an attribution statement – for example, “Printed on 30% post-consumer recycled fiber.”

Contact [email protected] for EPS files.

 Green Seal Logo

Mohawk has a broad portfolio of recycled papers that have been Green Seal certified. Customers printing on Green Seal certified papers may use the Green Seal logo containing the text “Proudly Printed on Green Seal certified paper.”

To obtain the logo for use on projects printed on one of Mohawk’s Green Seal certified papers follow these steps:

1.       Go to http://www.greenseal.org/GreenBusiness/UsingtheGreenSealMark.aspx

2.       In the left column, click on “Providers Graphics Registration”

3.       Fill in the form with your information and the information of the product to be used.

4.       Click submit, then enter the username and password chosen on the form

5.       Scroll to the “Proudly Printed on Certified Paper” logo and click on the link “Download zip file” next to the logo


The Green‑e Marketplace program allows companies to display the Green‑e Marketplace Logo when they have purchased a qualifying amount of renewable energy.  This program is administered by the Center for Resource Solutions, a nonprofit based in San Francisco, CA. All Green‑e Marketplace requirements and documents are publicly available and can be found at www.green‑e.org.

Companies interested in using the Green‑e logo to communicate their environmental commitment can follow a few simple steps to join the Green‑e Marketplace program (www.green-e.org).  You must do the following:

  1. Determine your annual electricity use
  2. Explore your renewable energy options
  3. Purchase (or generate) a qualifying amount of Green‑e Certified renewable energy
  4. Complete a Green‑e Logo Use Agreement and Renewable Energy Attestation, and submit to determine logo use fee.
  5. Work with Green‑e Marketplace staff to effectively promote your outstanding environmental commitment through use of the nationally recognized symbol for renewable energy excellence.

Clients are eligible to use the Green-e logo and make an accurate claim about their renewable energy commitment if they provide documentation that they:

  1. Purchase a qualifying amount of Green-e certified electricity,
  2. Purchase a qualifying amount of Green-e certified renewable energy certificates (RECs), and/or
  3. Generate a qualifying amount of electricity from an eligible on-site generation facility.

For more information regarding the Green-e logo program please visit www.green-e.org.

 FSC Label

If an end use customer wishes to include the FSC logo on their publication, FSC certified paper must be purchased through an FSC–certified merchant, and printed by an FSC-certified printer. Distribution of the FSC logo by Mohawk and its employees is prohibited by our agreement with FSC. If you qualify for using the FSC logo, fsile will come from the printer’s FSC Auditor.  

A printed publication shall be considered as one product for the purpose of calculating the minimum percentage of FSC-certified material and labeling.  In summary, in order to include FSC verbiage and/or logo in an attribution statement: 

  1. Merchant and printer must be FSC-certified.  
  2. Printer must demonstrate to their auditor that a project meets FSC content requirements for a single product.  It will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the printers’ auditors.

Note:  Without a complete chain of custody, any claim about a paper’s FSC status cannot be authenticated. Therefore, you cannot make any claims with regards to the products FSC status.

Environmental Calculator

Environmental Calculator
See how your decisions, like how much post consumer waste is in your paper, can make a measurable difference.
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