M is for Mohawk Quality

When you take the time and money to mail something, you need to make the first impression count.  Your message will get noticed, opened and remembered with Mohawk branded envelopes—the only envelopes with a signature “M” for quality.

Materials do matter. Mohawk envelopes are meticulously manufactured from the finest premium paper stocks to elevate your messaging, complement the most demanding printed graphics, and reliably withstand postal processing.

They are manufactured at our own converting center to best control the finished product and we’ve die-cut a discreet “M” into an inside seam of each one so you can be sure it was made by us. This hidden “M-notch” is your assurance that you’re getting authentic Mohawk envelopes backed by Mohawk’s world class service and support.

And, if you want to know whether any envelope was made by us, just hold it up to the light and look for the “M” die-cut into the seam. M is for Mohawk, a name you can count on to make a great first impression.

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