BriteHue Envelopes

Weight Range:
20 lb. writing - 60 text
Finish Range:
Smooth, Vellum

The Vivid Envelopes

BriteHue envelopes are what you need when you want to amplify your message. Very affordable with vibrant, day-glo colors, BriteHue envelopes are hard to overlook. Whether you need fluorescent green to complement a greeting card line, brilliant red to send your holiday cards, sunflower yellow to keep your direct mail from getting lost in the mail box or ultra orange for your Halloween invitation, you’ll find it here. Each color is prettier than the next and guaranteed to get noticed.

  • Economical, vividly colored envelopes
  • 2 textures and 18 shades
  • 30% pcw choices
  •  Paper made with windpower
Acid Free
Acid Free
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