Publication is printed on Mohawk Loop, featuring extremely high PCW recycled papers to support sustainable design

[Cohoes, NY – October 19, 2015] Mohawk, North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty substrates for commercial and digital printing, announces the release of the seventh issue of the award-winning Mohawk Maker Quarterly publication. 

Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue number seven explores the concept of character, and is designed by Hybrid Design, San Francisco, CA. 

Dora Drimalas, Principal of Hybrid Design explains the concept of character, “We all have our own character, that special force driving us, guiding everything we do. To listen to it is to gain insight into what makes us unique—and it isn’t always easy.  Similarly, a rich experience comes from embracing the unique character of everything around us, the expressions that abandon the path of least resistance and struggle to be just as they are.”

“Issue seven of the Maker Quarterly presents the topic of Character exploring self-expression, doing the right thing and how makers are creating their own stories through their craft. Consistent with this ongoing series, this issue is carefully constructed and impeccably printed incorporating a subtle, beautiful use of paper texture, color and weight. The Character issue is a powerful example of paper being used as a deliberate design element which supports the narrative,” says Chris Harrold, Vice President of Business Development and Creative Director, Mohawk.

To support the theme of character, Maker Quarterly Issue number seven is printed on Mohawk Loop to demonstrate how using responsible paper can add character to printed projects. The issue features a beautiful display of offset printing on colored and fibered papers, including white ink on Mohawk Loop Urban Gray, and a spectacular use of a fibered sheet (Mohawk Loop Smooth, Birch) for added textural interest, as well as the juxtaposition of Citrus Green paper next to a fluorescent orange and aqua illustration of oversized eyeglasses to maximize the impact of the design for a story about Warby Parker.

Articles featured in Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue seven:

  • An Origin Story - From its fictitious eponym to its charitable contributions, eyewear retailer Warby Parker is a brand of character, in all senses of the word.  
  • Capturing the Individual – Photographer Acielle captures bold looks and individual style in the world’s fashion capitals for her blog, Style du Monde
  • Defining Sustainability: It’s more than just recycling –True sustainability means choosing raw materials with care, harvesting them with minimal impact and transforming them into products that matter.
  • Bottling Nature - a profile of Juniper Ridge, a brand that draws inspiration and ingredients from forests to create Wilderness Perfume.
  • The New Sustainable Table – Advocating for cuisine that encourages cooks to use locally produced food as well as more “in between” crops, trimmings and scraps which would ordinarily be thrown away.
  • The Hard Way – Four distinctly different makers share why craftsmanship is the lifeblood of their business. Featuring Tartine Bakery, Philly Bike Coalition, Tad Carpenter Creative, Butcher and Larder.
  • Sourcing Originality – By involving creatives and customers in the process, Minted has become a go-to source for well-designed goods.
  • Reflections – A glass tree house reflects the character of both man and nature.
  • By Hand – In an age of e-manufacturing and i-tools, handmade goods are highly in demand. Featuring the following Makers: Mt Washington Pottery, Shelter Publications, Thornwillow Press and Rifle Paper.

Champions of Craft featured in Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue seven:

Printed on Mohawk Loop

To demonstrate the beauty and range of options available within the Mohawk Loop grade, the publication features 32 printed pages on a variety of paper colors and finishes, including:

  • Mohawk Loop Feltmark, Pumice 80 text (118gsm), pgs. 1-2, 31-32
  • Mohawk Loop Smooth, Restful Blue 80 text (118 gsm), pgs. 3-4, 29-30
  • Mohawk Loop Inxwell Supersmooth, Eco White 80 text (118 gsm), pgs. 5-6, 27-28
  • Mohawk Loop Smooth, Citrus Green 70 text (104 gsm), pgs. 7-8, 25, 26
  • Mohawk Loop Smooth, Pure White 80 text (118 gsm), pgs. 9-10, 23-24
  • Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum, Urban Grey 80 text (118 gsm), pgs. 11-12, 21-22
  • Mohawk Loop Smooth, White 80 text (118gsm), pgs. 13-14, 19-20
  • Mohawk Loop Smooth, Birch 70 text (104 gsm), pgs. 15-18

The publication’s finished size is 9.75 inches x 13.25 inches, and features short sheets (7. 2 inches x 13.25 inches) showcasing beautiful colored papers including Mohawk Loop Smooth, Restful Blue, Mohawk Loop Smooth, Citrus Green, Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum, Urban Grey and a pull-out poster designed by Tad Carpenter Creative, printed on Mohawk Loop Smooth, Birch.

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue No. 07 was printed by Sandy Alexander, Inc., Clifton, NJ, using four color process, match green, match pink, spot dull varnish, 4 hits of white and match green UV inks on pages 11-12, 21-22.  

To view the publication online or to sign up to receive future issues of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, visit


Mohawk is North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers and envelopes which are preferred for commercial and digital printing, photo specialties and high-end direct mail.  Mohawk fine papers and envelopes include the signature brands Mohawk Superfine® and Strathmore®, as well as proprietary treatments Inxwell® and i-Tone®. With a culture of innovation, Mohawk’s business model now extends beyond paper manufacturing into new areas of growth, including digital substrates and web-based software platforms, which connect designers and printers to new markets. 

As a leader in environmentally and socially responsible business practices, Mohawk was the first U.S. manufacturer of commercial printing papers to match 100% of its electricity with wind power renewable energy credits and the first U.S. premium paper mill to shift toward carbon neutral production. Mohawk’s portfolio of recycled papers is certified by Green Seal and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Mohawk is a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated business based in Cohoes, New York, with global sales and operations located throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit


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