Fine Quh journals, handcrafted in Germany

Sandra Trache and Frank Lehmann, of Quh, have partnered to create a line of beautiful handmade leather journals using the highest quality leather with the process of fine bookbinding. Each journal is handmade with fine German craftsmanship and features Mohawk Superfine paper.  The name, Quh, means quality and handicraft, and is pronounced in the same way as the german word for “cow” (Kuh).

These stunning journals are handcrafted with the finest leather recycled from the German fashion industry.  Every Quh journal is unique, and there are ten different standard types of leather used for the journal collection, plus a variety of special seasonal collections and colors. Colors are timeless and surface textures range from soft velvet to fashionable crocodile embossing.

Sandra Trache explains why Quh has chosen to use sustainably recycled leather for its products, “We are deeply aware of our responsibility to all living creatures and the environment. For this reason, we value sustainability and naturalness when we select the materials we need for our products. The leather we use does not originate from the wild. We cooperate exclusively with companies whose byproducts supply the leather we need as our raw material.”

Every aspect of Quh’s manufacturing process is carefully considered and the company is deeply committed to producing quality products in a responsible manner. “Our leather is tanned in compliance with the EU Regulation REACH. No part of our production exploits conditions in low-wage countries. The paper (Mohawk Superfine) we use e.g. in our notebooks originates from sustainable forestry, has been certified by the FSC and is carbon neutral,” said Sandra.

Sandra explains how critically important craftsmanship is to the Quh journal making process.  “All stages of our manufacturing process combine sustainable value with intelligent workmanship.  Our journals are custom made using the finest quality bookbinding techniques.”

When asked to explain why Mohawk Superfine was selected as the paper of choice for Quh journals, Frank Lehmann explains, “The choice to use Mohawk Superfine for our notebooks was quite an easy decision for us. The paper has a beautiful natural color, the feel of the surface provides a soft velvety feeling which matches our philosophy to use natural materials. Last, but not least, it enables the user to write on an excellent paper – based on a range of all different writing utensils – from simple pencils to premium stylographs.”

We live in a digital world, yet it is always important to capture notes and ideas on paper. “It is our wish that our analogue products will help you to take things slowly in an accelerating digital world,” explains Sandra.

Mohawk recently worked with Quh to design personalized journals. The results are outstanding. The embossed Mohawk logo is deep and clear. The light brown leather is called Mountainbear, and is a brown-oiled raw leather that will develop a beautiful patina with age.

The darker brown journal (bottom) is manufactured with a beautiful grade of leather that can often be found on fine furniture. The color has an Italian name, testa di moro. It features abrasion resistance and light resistance.


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