Mohawk Renewal Small Packs

Introducing Mohawk Renewal Small Packs—a new offering of sustainable paper and envelopes with 50-sheets or envelopes to a pack, straight from our paper mill to your front door.

Designed to help you stay true to your sustainability goals, Mohawk Renewal is crafted from three alternative fiber sources: hemp, straw, and recycled cotton. Each small pack comes in standard press-ready sheets and two popular envelope sizes to meet the needs of any printing process or end-use.

All orders are hand-picked, packed and shipped to you within 1-2 business days.

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Mohawk Renewal
Making paper with hemp contributes to the growth of a sustainable supply chain for this rapidly renewable fiber source. Every sheet of Mohawk Renewal Hemp is made with 30% hemp fiber.
Mohawk Renewal
Straw is a byproduct of wheat farming. Every year, after the wheat harvest, thousands of acres of straw are either burned off or plowed under. Now, that straw is being reclaimed for paper pulp.
Mohawk Renewal
For centuries, cotton textile waste was recycled to make paper. Today, there is more textile waste than ever. Strong, yet soft, white t-shirt trim & blue denim thread cotton fibers make beautiful paper.

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Renewal Small Packs
Renewal Small Packs