Mohawk for Merchants

Mohawk for Merchants

Let’s cut to the chase. You want to do business quickly and efficiently. We want to help you get what you need and get on with your day. Our new streamlined site does just that. It’s easier to use so you can do more – and do it faster. We welcome you to test out the new site and provide us with feedback or ask questions. We are happy to help and can also provide site demos for your teams.

Included in the new site are all the benefits that you rely on to conduct your daily business with Mohawk. You can still check stock, download our most recent code book, order samples and broken cartons of paper and envelopes, order swatchbooks and promotions, and even use your own UPS and Fedex account numbers to cover shipping costs.


Now you can:

  • Order cartons online.
  • See YOUR merchant price for all purchasable items.
  • Improve delivery times because orders ship from your primary warehouse.
  • Ship via Pool truck and LTL.
  • See and order only the items you are franchised for, which helps protect your franchise.

product SELECTOR

Order your Product Selector to see our new portfolio, all in one convenient package.


check STOCK

Check stock on all code book items, ream items, sample items and envelope box items. See inventories in all 5 domestic warehouses and item pricing specific to your merchant agreements.

streamline FAQs

Have a question about our recent transition? Visit the Streamline FAQ area to look for answers. Still have questions? You can always contact us directly.

new website DEMOS

Contact us to set-up demonstrations to get you and your team oriented with our new website.