The Mohawk Maker Quarterly

What will you make today?

What began in 2013 as a celebration of makers, creativity and the culture of craft, The Mohawk Maker Quarterly has become an indispensible source of inspiration for graphic designers around the world.

Each issue of the Maker Quarterly seeks to push the boundaries of creative expression with insightful editorial features, carefully considered design and varied printing techniques on a diverse range of Mohawk papers.

“Paper needs to be special to be relevant today. Commodity communication is paper’s past. Paper today is suited to moments of meaning and emotional weight. While digital communication is ephemeral, paper conveys permanence. When we commit something to paper today we want to communicate significance,” explains Dora Drimalas, Principal, Hybrid Design.

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Heritage & Innovation
Issue three:
Pride in the Details
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Issue two:
Mastery of Materials
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