February 2016

Champion of Craft: Harris Tweed Authority

As we celebrate individuals who master the materials they work with, the focus of Issue 02 of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, we’re taking a closer look at the group of talented makers featured within.

Today we follow up with Harris Tweed Authority, protectors and promoters of Harris Tweed.  Read on to learn more on how they master materials.

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The story of Superfine

If you’re a fan of Design Observer you may have caught today’s ‘The Observatory’ podcast featuring Jessica Helfand and Michael Bierut discussing a topic near and dear to our hearts: paper.

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The Hard Way: Why craftsmanship is the lifeblood to these four makers

There is an old response familiar to master craftspeople when asked how long it might have taken to produce a particular work—“about a few hours and thirty years.” Namely that the ability to make something well is the product of a lifetime of practice and refinement focused on what could be the work of only a few moments. Before the industrial revolution forever changed the means by which things could be made, everything was the labor of human hands. But the decision by the contemporary maker to forgo convenience or expediency now in favor of the slow work of the hand is to question the assumed advantages of industrial production.

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Professionals, Portfolios & Personalities: A Guide to Getting the First Design Job

Applying for your first real design job is daunting task. For student designers, the portfolio is a pivotal aspect of success in this transition, but there are many other personal and professional considerations that students should be aware of as they embark on a new career. Recognizing this, Mohawk recently partnered with AIGA’s Upstate New York Chapter to present a Student Portfolio Building Workshop.

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A tactile, expressive new swatchbook for The Curious Collection

Over the past year, Mohawk has worked with Hybrid Design of San Francisco to resdesign a series of fine paper swatchbooks to be beautiful and inspirational, and to get designers excited about using color and texture in new ways.

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Love, Marriage and Superfine

As we celebrate 70 years of Superfine, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite projects printed on this iconic grade. On Valentine’s Day 2002, Mohawk published Black and White: Defining Moments of Weddings and Marriage, a stunning photo book that explores the uniquely human elements that fill in a wedding’s formal framework.

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