Monotype moves the Move-O-Meter for Hamilton Wood Type

[Alyson Kuhn] Earlier this week, we publicized the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum’s impending move, for which they need to raise $250,000. This is a big number, to be sure. The museum is home to the world’s biggest collection of wood type: 1.5 million pieces. So with a donation of just 17¢, you (or anyone you know) can move one of those pieces. Guess what? Our friends at Monotype have just helped the Hamilton move almost 59,000 pieces of type…by donating $10,000.

Monotype has not said a word publicly about this most generous gift, but has given us the pleasure of doing so. To read why Monotype considers the Hamilton such a treasure, we recommend this fabulous story they’ve just posted on their blog at

Jim Moran is the director of the museum. His brother Bill is the artistic director, and the moving spirit behind the Move-O-Meter (which we love). Jim is keeping a close eye on the needle, all the while scouting for a new space and planning The Move. He says optimistically, “We are encouraged and humbled by the overwhelming support we’ve received from across the country and from Berlin to Brisbane. We have a long way to go and an incredible amount of work in front of us. Still, I’m convinced we’ll emerge from this as a stronger museum based on the Hamilton family from around the globe.” And we will all be the richer for it.

Felt & Wire friends: Let’s help Hamilton move some type! Click here to donate. Or mail your check to: Hamilton Wood Type, 1619 Jefferson Street, Two Rivers, Wisc. 54241.

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  1. Posted by notely on 11.30.12 at 9:40 am

    It’s great to see companies like Monotype stepping up to help out Hamilton.

    Loved what they said in their story:

    \One of the many delights the archive provides is that it is indeed a living museum; not simply host to relics to be looked upon, the museum fosters a deeper understanding of the forebears of contemporary type by conducting workshops for artists and scholars alike. Such opportunities of hands-on, tactile experimenting with type cultivates not only an appreciation for the true craftsmanship involved in type design, but also a respect for those vibrant analog methods of making.\

    We all have a stake in the future of Hamilton whether we’re type lovers, paper lovers, designers and/or printers.

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