Mohawk's Specialty Converting Services

At Mohawk, we offer an extensive menu of paper and envelope converting services with exceptional turn-around times from our U.S. manufacturing sites. With locations in Cohoes, NY, Ashtabula, OH and South Hadley, MA, our world-class converting centers feature humidity and temperature controls, integrated process controls and an experienced staff of paper makers, envelope adjusters and engineers. 

Sheet Converting


Mohawk offers the ability to sheet both coated and uncoated products in a variety of text and cover weights and includes flexible labeling and lot traceability on all folio sheeters. We also offer in-line tabbing on skid pack lines, perfing services and  a variety of single, multi-tier and press-ready skid configurations. All products are subjected to a rigorous quality system before any material is shipped.

One Jagenberg and three Bielomatik machines are dedicated to large volume carton and skid projects. The SHM sheeter is customized for smaller, unique jobs.


Mohawk offers standard slitting and rewinding services including wide format rewinding. These services together with customized packaging solutions, flexible labeling and lot traceability allow Mohawk to create unique solutions to customers’ increasingly complex roll converting and packaging needs.

Each winder has sophisticated tension control systems and can handle a wide variety of substrates including coated and uncoated papers in a range of text and cover weights.


The Bielomatik, Evtec and Will sheeters allow for a broad range of standard and nonstandard digital and cut size services. They offer the flexibility to fulfill both small and large volume projects and can handle diverse substrates, such as inkjet, laser, text and cover weight coated and uncoated grades ranging from 60 gsm up to 600 gsm. These sheeters offer fully-automated sheeting, ream wrapping, cartonizing and palletizing functionality. Extremely flexible labeling capabilities allow lot coding of your product for ease in traceability. Three-hole punch services on 8.5” x 11” products are also offered.


Mohawk is able to emboss a range of textures for uncoated and coated papers. Our embossing service is designed to give our customers a fast and affordable way to create patterned paper.


Mohawk offers the ability to laminate two stocks together to form a double-thick cover or a duplex sheet. We are able to work with smooth and textured papers, from 60 text to 100 cover, delivering finished sheets for small or large volume projects. Our laminating services are guaranteed to provide the strength and dimensional stability required for today’s printing and finishing techniques. Product performance is ensured through rigorous quality testing of attributes such as curl, crack at fold, and bond strength.


Capable of applying specialty coatings to paper and non-paper substrates, this new toll coating platform is available for sheet to sheet coating for any materials over 0.006” caliper to a maximum of 0.024” caliper.


Mohawk Specialty Converting Services is fully capable of meeting both FSC and SFI requirements for our customers. Mohawk’s environmental certification specialists will work with their customer counterparts to ensure documentation and material labeling requirements are fully satisfied.


Mohawk’s Specialty Converting Center provides full-service management of our customers’ packaging needs and will source, order and warehouse required materials for all converting projects including custom pallets, skids, boxes, cores and core plugs, slip sheets, tie sheets, stretch wrap, banding, ream wrap labels, etc.

We have relationships with all of the major ream wrap suppliers and have experience running a wide variety of substrates including paper, poly/paper laminates, heat sealed poly wrap and other specialty substrates. Registered ream-wrapping is also offered for high-stress retail applications. Mohawk’s pressure-sensitive label equipment has the capability of producing in-house generic printed labels or pre-printed multi-color labels as well as individual and customized labels for rolls.

Additionally, Mohawk’s lot traceability capabilities help customers trace their product through the converting process by tracking the origin and destination of all components, limiting exposure to quality issues and supporting their inventory control systems.

Envelope Converting

Mohawk provides the following capabilities and capacity for Envelope Converting:

  • Over 2 billion envelopes annually
  • 3 x 5” minimum size
  • 13 x 16” maximum size
  • Web and die cut
  • Osds, osss, oecs
  • Types of envelopes: Premium, Mill Brand, Commodity and Specials
  • Flap styles: Square, Commercial, Pointed, Wallet, Euro and Custom
  • Flexo – one color inside, two colors outside
  • Offset – one to four colors
  • Foil stamping
  • Preprinted litho conversion
  • Window envelopes in standard and custom sizes + shapes
  • Pressure sensitive + latex seals
  • Foil lining
  • Tabbed, banded packaging


  • Capabilities: embossing on diagonal envelope side flaps
  • Maximum envelope size: 5.75” x 7.6875”
  • Minimum envelope size: 3.9375” x 5.5625”
  • Embossed area: 1.75”L x 2.5”W


Focus + Capabilities

  • Special make envelopes
  • Die cut and webs
  • Flexo outside print (up to two colors) + inside tint
  • Four color offset print
  • Windows- single + multiple, front + back


  • North Eastern Ohio
  • Convenient to east/west and north/south major routes
  • Former IP Manufacturing location
  • 360,000 sq ft dedicated to manufacturing

Manufacturing Base - Initial Capacity

  • 15 folding machines
  • 6 cutters
  • 2 AMC’s
  • Bander
  • 8 million envelopes a day
  • 90 employees


Focus + Capabilities

  • Special make envelopes
  • Die cut and webs
  • Flexo outside print (up to two colors) + inside tint
  • Four color offset print
  • Windows- single + multiple, front + back


  • Western Massachusetts
  • Convenient to east/west and north/south major routes
  • Former Intellicoat Manufacturing location
  • 160,000 sq. ft. facility
  • Facility and layout designed for easy 2X + expansion

Manufacturing Base - Initial Capacity

  • 10 folding machines
  • 3 cutters
  • 2 AMC’s
  • 4 million envelopes a day
  • 40 employees


Quality Assurance

All Products are put through a rigorous quality system before any material is shipped.

Base paper inspection

  • Verify order number, grade, finish, basis weight, shade match
  • Inspection for ridges, edge/truck damage, general roll quality

Cut-size and folio sheet inspection 

  • Light tables at each converting machine with low angle Landsco lighting, through lighting, and back light systems 
  • Sheets are inspected for surface and sheet defects such as wrinkles, marks, ridges, and welding
  • Evaluation of cut quality, size, and squareness

Finished product inspection

  • Finished product inspected for appearance, label placement, and overall package quality
  • Wrapped product is opened to verify fiber tear at all glued or heated sealed seams
  • Inspect product for quality defects


The Mohawk Distribution Center provides the following support to domestic and international customers: 

  • Pool truck service 
  • Warehousing services
  • Inventory reporting systems
  • Combined shipments
  • Competitive freight rates
  • Low drop-off fees


  • Next Day - 90% of the U.S. Print Market
  • 2nd Day - 95% of the U.S. Print Market
  • 3rd Day - 100% of the U.S. Print Market


  • Albany, NY
  • Saybrook, OH
  • Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • Kent, WA
  • Stuttgart, Germany

Other Converting Services


  • Quality reports
  • Certificates of Compliance (COC’s) and Certificates of Analysis (COA’s)
  • Yield reports
  • Special testing


  • Capabilities: kiss cut, creasing, perforating and specializing in cutting filled roll material for super calendar machines
  • Material must be in roll form, maximum width 42 inches and 72 inches diameter – core sizes can vary
  • Maximum caliper thickness of sheet: 13 point to 15 point
  • Average running speed 200 to 350 linear feet per minute
  • Die cutting surface on cutting place is 42 inches in width and 34.5 inches in length

Converting Machine Specs

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Roll Converting

Folio Converting

Embossing Specifications

Laminating Specifications

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