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Posted: April 16, 2014

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Utica Coffee Roasting Company
Design Firm:
Romanelli Communications

Bernie Freytag (Romanelli Communications) and Mike Harrigan (PJ Green)

Images courtesy of Utica Coffee Roasting Company and PJ Green
Mike Harrigan
PJ Green
Mohawk Pressure Sensitive Permanent Adhesive Polyester White (for Indigo)

Great coffee makes a lasting impression. Utica Coffee Roasting Company chooses only the finest materials, from sourcing their coffee beans to their product packaging.

Founded in 2002 in Utica, New York, Utica Coffee Roasting Company set their expectations for excellence. Sourcing the very best beans from around the globe, Utica Coffee Roasting Company roasts the beans with a reverence for the hard work of the farmers. “We put our touch on an already beautiful product.” The coffee is roasted in small batches, and packaged locally for retail and wholesale distribution .

The coffee company is proud to support their community. “We hire local, purchase local (everything but our coffee beans, of course), and sell local.” Having worked closely with PJ Green for several years, Utica Coffee Roasting Company asked the Utica-based integrated direct marketing company to help them create a new label for their re-designed coffee bags.

PJ Green was up to the task. “The new label needed to convey the flavor and information of the coffee inside the bag and be tacky enough to keep the bag closed after it was opened by the customer. The Mohawk line of Pressure Sensitive Polyester substrates was the first product that came to mind. It worked for our HP Indigo presses, and it was available for small and large runs of labels. After a few test runs with the Mohawk synthetic substrates we were able to dial in the press settings and we were off and running.”

Why Mohawk?

When we are looking for top quality and run-ability on our presses, Mohawk has always been our “go-to” paper. We have had great success with the Everyday Digital, Synthetics, and  i-Tone treated substrates.” Mohawk Pressure Sensitive Permanent Adhesive Polyester “suited this specific need perfectly and speaks highly to the versatility and quality of Mohawk products.”

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