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Posted: January 26, 2012

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Cooper Carry
Design Firm:
Iconologic - Atlanta, GA
Geographics - Atlanta, GA
Beckett Concept, Beckett Expression (now Strathmore Premium)

Here Magazine is annual production that addresses some of the most important issues of our time, and does that in a visually arresting format. Presented in an original and relevant way with intensely creative information graphics, Here contains essays, original and excerpted journalism, photographic galleries, and historical perspectives, all with a sharp focus on current subject.

Created by Iconologic, an Atlanta, Georgia-based design firm, in collaboration with client Cooper Carry, an architecture and planning firm, and printed by Geographics, Here Magazine’s main function is to demonstrate Cooper Gary’s thought leadership on relevant issues to its client base, developers, architects, builders, and university design programs.

“Here does what marketing can’t for the firm’” said Matt Rollins, Creative Director, Iconologic. “By delivering original content, thoughtfully and beautifully presented, Here has helped communicate the research and insight of Cooper Carry.” According to Rollins, Cooper Carry’s president has called Here “the most important pieces of communication media we have ever produced.”

The Right Paper for Here – and Now

To achieve the client’s seriousness, sincerity, and creative expression meant choosing just the right paper to print it on. According to Juliet D’Ambrosio, Iconologic’s Editorial Director, “Here has to have as much gravity and richness in its physical state as the ideas presented on its pages.”

Because it’s a visual publication intended to represent a visually-oriented company, “It also has to be beautiful,” D’Ambrosio said. To demonstrate the client’s commitment to sustainability, “the paper (and paper company) also had to reflect an exemplary commitment to the environment,” she continued. By using Beckett Concept and Beckett Expression (now Strathmore Premium), Iconologic was able to produce a very high-end coffee table piece on stocks that were 100 percent and 30 percent recycled, FSC certified, and made carbon neutral. Producing Here on Mohawk’s papers created an immediate environmental impact equal to preserving 86 trees, saving 37,000 gallons of wastewater, not creating 250 lbs. of waterborne waste, and not consuming 61,000,000 BTUs of energy.

A Far-Reaching Impact

Here has been a success for Cooper Carry in many respects; it has led directly to new business and new recruits for the firm. “There are a few instances that have been shared with us of clients calling Cooper Carry to do projects specifically after reading a copy of Here, and new architects coming to work at the firm saying that they want to be a part of the firm that creates Here Magazine,” said D’Ambrosio.

D’Ambrosio and the Iconologic team have also found that creating Here for Cooper Carry has had a profound effect on the company’s culture. “We hear people are more engaged, more outspoken, more willing to take a strong stand on issues they care about,” D’Ambrosio said. “And, daily, Cooper Carry is challenged to practice their profession in a way that lives up to the level of ideas expressed in Here.”

While we certainly wouldn’t claim that the paper it’s printed on is the reason Here has had that kind of impact for Cooper Carry, we are glad Mohawk paper could play an important role in the impression the magazine makes.

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