Goode Co. Seafood

Posted: July 6, 2015

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Goode Co. Seafood
RR Donnelly, Houston TX
Mohawk Synthetic Premium Polyester White 14 mil

Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. Shrimp Campechana. Buttermilk Fried Chicken Salad. Mesquite-Grilled Gulf Red Snapper. Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie.

Goode Co. has been perfecting the art of slow -cooked Texas Barbecue for over 35 years. Their motto: good food, done right.

Now with seven locations around Houston, Goode family restaurants have become hotter than a two-dollar pistol, and they’ve developed a loyal following that’s almost as large as Texas itself.

In1986, owner Jim Goode, who was born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Texas, expanded his growing scratch-made Texas Barbecue concept to seafood.  Goode Co. Seafood specializes in fresh, seasonal catch featuring mouth-watering specialties like Campechana – a Mexican-style cocktail made with pico de gallo, fire-roasted Anaheim peppers and avocado – that harken back to Jim’s childhood along the coast. Most entrees are mesquite-grilled, or lightly battered and fried in refined oil – no heavy sauces or creams are found here.

Food prepared the Goode way, is food prepared the slow way. Whether they are hand-splitting mesquite for the smoker, hand-roasting shelled oysters, or hand-cracking all natural Texas pecans for their signature pies, the Goode family honors their commitment to craft. In fact, they’ve been known to say, “Anything half-baked just isn’t our style. Just the idea of a hurry leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth.”  So, you can hang your hat on the fact that they sweat the details.

Earlier this year Goode Co. underwent a brand redesign, with Goode Co. Seafood being the first of their concepts to unveil the new (logo) mark. The project was led by Houston–based firm Principle, which partnered with Jessica Hische “to bring Goode Company’s iconic script into a new era, uniting its beloved family of brands – from BBQ to dance hall – under one clean, classic mark.”

Principle Co-Founder, Allyson Lack, explains the goal of the redesign was to create a mark that, “pays homage to the original calligraphed logo penned by founder Jim Goode himself in the 70s, yet reproduces easily across Goode’s growing body of restaurant concepts, collateral and merchandise. The main goals were to simplify the aesthetic and to visually connect the Goode concepts (which live across the Houston metro area), especially as the brand grows and expands."

Everything from the company’s restaurant menus to drink coasters and packaging was redesigned. The main menus and the dessert menus highlight Goode’s history for foodies wanting to know more about how this Houston family found their inspiration with so many one-of-a-kind dishes.

No detail was overlooked, and the Goode Co. Seafood redesign is refreshing, authentic, and nautically inspired. It leaves us wanting to see how the mark will be incorporated into the other Goode restaurant brands collateral.

It was critical for the new menus to look and feel beautiful to customers, but they also needed to be functional in a busy restaurant environment – with the ability to withstand spills, cleaning solutions, and oils.

Goode Co. Seafood menus were printed on Mohawk Synthetic Premium Polyester White 14 mil.

"Our goals were to elevate the menus system while finding a substrate that could handle alcohol-based cleaners. (Mohawk) Premium Polyester hit both of those for our team, and we loved the matte/tactile feel, and the thickness. We wanted a single-panel menu that felt good in patrons’ hands, printed beautifully, and would endure the day-to-day restaurant environment,” said Lack.

From their ability to resist moisture and grease, to their inability to be torn or ripped, Mohawk Synthetic products provide the beauty and flexibility of traditional paper, with the added benefit of long-lasting durability – without requiring lamination.

In addition to being nearly indestructible, Mohawk’s Premium Polyester Line of products contains a special top coating, making printed output alcohol resistant.  This is especially useful in restaurant settings where prints are reused, requiring frequent sanitation.

For more information about Goode Co. restaurants, catering, or company store/mail order, visit

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