FIT Program Posters - Paula Scher

Posted: February 3, 2012

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Fashion Institute of Technology
Design Firm:
Piscatello Design Centre

Rocco Piscatello

RGA — A Division of Unimac

These two posters for and Paula Scher’s guest lectures at the Fashion Institute of Technology were designed by Rocco Piscatello, Principal, Piscatello Design Centre.

Piscatello, who is also an Assisting Professor for FIT’s Department of Communication Design, established the Visiting Artists Program in 2001 to give his students the opportunity to peer inside the minds of legendary designers. Since then, Piscatello has designed each poster to be as unique and fascinating as the visiting design lecturer. “To announce each lecture I’ve designed posters that are clear and bold, that simultaneously cut through a visually cluttered environment, while responding to the school’s budgetary constraints,” said Piscatello.

“Over 95% of the posters in this series have been printed on Mohawk papers, but I don’t always select the same type of paper, finish, or weight for each piece. Similar to the design, the paper is an on-going exploration of consistent differences,” he said. Piscatello’s use of Mohawk Carnival for his Paula Scher poster set certainly caught the eyes of the Mohawk Show 11 jury.

The Visiting Artist Program is a design lecture series at FIT that has brought distinguished designers of our time, such as Milton Glaser, Steven Heller, Philippe Apeloig, Michael Bierut, and Massimo Vignelli, together with students, faculty, and design professionals in a public forum.