Posted: July 10, 2013

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Design Firm:
Mohawk Via Vellum

Felt is an iPad app that lets you to choose, handwrite and mail a personalized card straight from your iPad. Cards are printed on Mohawk Via Vellum fine papers.

Felt began when Tomer Alpert and his partner Gracie wanted to send a thank you card after attending a friend’s barbecue. They didn’t want to stop at the store to pick up a card, nor did they want to send an e-card. They wanted a card that could be personalized with a custom message in their own handwriting. When they couldn’t find anything that worked for them, they decided to build it.

“We’re utilizing technology, while celebrating paper and handwritten correspondence. Felt is different from other card apps in that you handwrite the card and envelope. We wanted to honor the experience of sitting down in a quiet space, on your favorite writing surface, and devoting time to writing your card. Not just getting through the process as quickly as possible, but creating a memorable way to personalize your message,” said Tomer Alpert, CEO of Felt.

Why Mohawk?

Why did Felt choose Mohawk Via Vellum as their paper of choice? According to Alpert, the decision was simple. “We were considering different options, but I knew Mohawk was right when I showed a Felt card to a friend, who was a print and paper fanatic, and he went crazy when he found out he was holding Mohawk paper. He even said something like, ‘Mohawk is the best, but you probably don’t need to go that good for what you’re doing.’ I just smiled and thanked him. We want Felt cards to be the very best so the choice was clear,” said Alpert.

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Using your iPad, Download Felt from the App Store, and start sending some cards today. 

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