August 8, 2017
Mohawk Introduces A Maker’s Field Guide to Envelopes

[Cohoes, NY – August 8, 2017] Mohawk, North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty materials for commercial and digital printing is proud to announce the release of A Maker’s Field Guide to Envelopes, the latest in a series of comprehensive, printed guides designed to inspire and educate designers, their clients and printers on the importance of choosing the right materials for print.

 “The new Maker’s Field Guide to Envelopes is the latest expression of Mohawk’s ongoing commitment to helping demonstrate the pivotal role materials play in the success of every print job,” said Chris Harrold, Vice President, Creative Director, Mohawk. “Envelopes are equal part function and first impression. An envelope is like a handshake that simultaneously says ‘hello’ and ‘open me first!’”

A Maker’s Field Guide to Envelopes was created by Aurora Design to complement Mohawk’s Maker’s Field Guide to Texture and Color and the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, an award-winning publication which highlights the beauty and tactility of fine paper. Both publications have become go-to resources for makers and creatives worldwide as print is rediscovered as a powerful alternative to digital communication.

A Maker’s Field Guide to Envelopes is organized around five defining, structural attributes of an envelope: Texture, Color, Style, Flap and Size. Like the Maker’s Field Guide to Texture and Color, the envelope guide opens with a high level introduction stating the case for materials with a blend of behavioral insight and hands-on demonstration. This is intended to prove that careful attention to your envelope selection helps elevate any project from good to great.

The 26 page book is organized in to six short, high-impact sections:

  1. Introduction – This includes background on the impact of materials as well as a hands-on, interactive introduction to the five defining envelope attributes to consider in design.
  2. Texture – How to use textured envelopes to capture your audience through touch. An A2 Curious Collection Metallic Ionized envelope along with an A7 Curious Collection Matter Adiron Blue envelope are bound in to show unique textured envelopes.
  3. Color – Using color can transform a simple, common form like a business envelope to something extra special. To demonstrate this, a #10 Commercial Mohawk Via Vellum Safety Yellow envelope alongside a #10 Policy Mohawk Carnival Vellum New Black are bound in the book.
  4. Style – Carefully considering the anatomy of your envelope is crucial to any project that requires an envelope enclosure. In this section, this is demonstrated with a 5.5” Square/Euroflap envelope in Strathmore Wove Chino contrasted with a 9x12 Catalog envelope pre-printed on Mohawk Via Linen Natural.
  5. Flap Shape – Unique to envelopes, flaps offer a clue to what’s inside. From formal invite to business stationery, a flap style can send a message before it’s even opened. Bound in to demonstrate are a 5.5 Baronial Flap envelope in Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Urban Gray, an A2 deckle edge flap in Strathmore Pastelle Natural White and an A2 euro flap in Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Ultrawhite.
  6. Size – From the smallest, attention-getting envelope to the largest unique forms, the size of an envelope is an obvious, but powerful choice. Two contrasting envelopes are bound in to demonstrate this; a 3.125 x 5.5 Coin envelope in Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Husk contrasted with a large C6D Policy flap envelope in Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Ultrawhite.

Throughout the book, including the dust jacket, patterns inspired by envelope security tints are used as a visual, unifying element, and printed on a total of 25 different combinations of Mohawk colored and textured papers & envelopes. A Maker’s Field Guide to Envelopes was skillfully printed by O’Neil Printing and finished at Roswell Bindery, both in Phoenix, AZ.

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Mohawk is North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers and envelopes which are preferred for commercial and digital printing, photo specialties and high-end direct mail.  Mohawk fine papers and envelopes include the signature brands Mohawk Superfine® and Strathmore®, as well as proprietary treatments Inxwell® and i-Tone®. With a culture of innovation reaching back to its beginning in 1931, Mohawk is committed to providing materials that help make every printed project more beautiful, effective and memorable. 

As a leader in environmentally and socially responsible business practices, Mohawk was the first U.S. manufacturer of commercial printing papers to match 100% of its electricity with wind power renewable energy credits and the first U.S. premium paper mill to shift toward carbon neutral production. Mohawk’s portfolio of recycled papers is certified by Green Seal and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Mohawk is a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated business based in Cohoes, New York, with global sales and operations located throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit


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