Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

“Making it easy to do business with us” is an ever-present goal at Mohawk. That means our services and systems must be optimized to perform as efficiently as possible. To achieve that goal, we’ve made substantial investments in technology, from improving process analysis and warehousing to expedite the fulfillment process to building a new website that makes it easier for customers to order, find information, and engage with us. It’s designed to ensure we’re serving our customers on their terms and exceeding their expectations.

Operational excellence is one reason Mohawk has been named a winner of the Annual Progressive Manufacturing 100 Awards for the fourth year in a row. “Mohawk has demonstrated an ability to rethink their business model and apply advanced technologies in innovative ways that manufacturers everywhere would be well served to emulate,” said David R. Brousell, editor-in-chief of Manufacturing Enterprise Communications.

But this achievement goes beyond our manufacturing processes. Operational excellence is a core value at the company that informs everything we do. Operational excellence is behind our decision to purchase enough wind RECs to meet the company’s annual electricity use and placing Mohawk on the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Top 50 Green Power Partners. It’s behind our decision to join the SmartWay Transport Partnership, another step Mohawk to lessen our impact on the environment.

Perhaps the most important impact of operational excellence is the safety of our employees. Through August 2011, our Cohoes, NY and Saybrook, Ohio plants have logged 5 million hours over 7 years without lost time due to an accident. It’s an achievement we’re especially proud of. And it’s reflected in Mohawk being ranked fourth of 46 companies in safety by AF&PA in 2011, and COO Kevin Richard receiving an Executive Eagle Award from Pulp & Paper Safety Association in 2008.

Our focus on operational excellence, combined with an entrepreneurial, hard-working culture, leadership in information technology, and a strong creative drive have also enabled us achieve significant growth over our history and expand into new markets. It’s about doing the best job we can at running our company, so that our customers – both new and old – want to do businesses with us. 

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