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The Curious Collection: Reinvented

Chris Harrold

The Curious Collection is a portfolio of extraordinary papers for those special projects where you need saturated color or the unusual texture. And today, we’re adding new colors and textures to the grade.

Since December 2015, Mohawk has been the exclusive North American distributor for this incredibly beautiful line of fine papers for premium print and packaging. True to an unwavering dedication to materials, Mohawk, in partnership with Arjowiggins Creative Papers, introduces the most comprehensive portfolio of color and special finishes in the updated Curious Collection.

The refresh to the Curious Collection grade is the result of an extensive review of color palettes and finishes. The resulting updates to the portfolio include:

  • Addition of 15 new colors to Curious Collection Metallics
  • Launch of an innovative new line: Curious Collection Alchemy
  • Discontinuation of Curious Collection Cosmic

“The work done by Arjowiggins Creative Papers to update the Curious Collection is thoughtful and carefully conceived,” says Mike Madura, VP, Product Development and Management at Mohawk. “Curious Metallics new color palette is both timeless, very in-the-moment and the new Alchemy is evidence that the team at Arjowiggins are leaders in sophisticated papermaking innovation.”


Curious Collection Metallics

The refreshed line of the well-established Curious Collection Metallics now offers a total of 31 design-friendly colors, including 15 brand new shades. Now more than ever, this portfolio of text and cover weight papers are the perfect choice for projects across the print and packaging spectrum that benefit from an added metallic shimmer. 

New Curious Collection Metallics Colors


Curious Collection Alchemy

New to the market, Alchemy represents a true innovation in papermaking. Designed to deliver the effect of hammered, weathered metal in a tightly curated color palette, Alchemy is a unique offering in fine paper. Offered in five colors, in 80 text and 111 cover this dynamic new surface has been designed to capture the character and patina of work metal.

New Curious Collection Alchemy Colors


This exciting, updated range of colors and finishes can be seen in the brand new Mohawk Curious Collection swatchbook available early November 2018. Designed by Hybrid Design of San Francisco, CA, the new book incorporates the new additions and has removed any discontinued items in the portfolio. The Curious Collection swatchbook was skillfully printed and finished by Fey Printing of Wisconsin Rapids, WI and includes a comprehensive description of product details as well as printing techniques.

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