Xanita Board is a lightweight, UV inkjet printable board that is strong with a high crush strength core, non-toxic (no VOCs), direct printable, flat pack, and is 100% repulpable/recyclable. It is not cardboard or timber, but is made from post-consumer recycled cellulose fibers such as Kraft cardboard boxes.

Xanita Board is ideal for exhibits, tradeshows, 3D signage, point-of-sale displays, pop-up shops, end caps, ceiling beams and bulkheads, exhibition furniture, and more. It will allow Brands to move from what they do now, to high impact 3D structural applications.


Perfect Solution for Printers


Xanita board offers new revenue streams and business opportunities for printers with digital flatbed printing and CNC-cutting capabilities. The closed cell design makes Xanita board significantly stronger than visually similar honeycomb board products. Its strength and denser core makes Xanita board ideal for structural applications such as point-of-sale displays, custom expo booths, shopfitting and signage applications.

Xanita board strikes the perfect balance between premium quality and eco-friendliness, its versatility ensures that there will almost always be a Xanita solution for most projects. 



Value Add Services


In addition to Xanita’s premium product offering, the company has several value add services that help printers get up and running with Xanita board quickly and efficiently. These value add services include:

  • The Xanita Training Academy- A free online training resource which provides the foundation of how to work with Xanita board.
  • The CNC cut-file store- An e-commerce store with an extensive library of popular designs to help get printers up and running quickly and easily. Printers are also entitled to request a maximum of five free cut-files from the store once they have purchased a pallet of Xanita board or more.
  • Xanita design support- For printers that don’t have industrial or packaging design capabilities, Xanita provides comprehensive design assistance for a nominal fee. 


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