Weight Range:
24 lb. writing - 160 cover
Finish Range:
Smooth, Vellum, Felt, Linen, Premium Linen, Cordwain, Hopsack, Groove

The Cover Paper

Mohawk Carnival has set the standard for intense saturated color, especially for pocket folders and other converted items. Designed for excellent folding properties, this cover grade offers primary hues in distinctive textures with complementary whites and text weights.

  • Superior quality cover grade with matching text
  • 8 textures, 14 shades and 3 duplexes
  • 10 weights from 24 writing to 160 cover
  • 98-bright Stellar White shade
  • Pure, intense primary colors matching many common corporate and university color standards
  • New Beet, Ming Blue and Tartan Green shades
  • Digital with i-Tone items in deep and vibrant shades
  • Popular duplex shades for color on white effects
  • All shades contain 30% pcw fiber except Red and Stellar White
  • Outstanding print performance.  Get uncoated printing tips here

Mohawk Carnival now includes former grade, Beckett Ridge and former finish, Mohawk Solutions Premium Linen

Green-e Certified
Green-e Certified

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