Mohawk Wins Progressive Manufacturing Award

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“Mohawk has demonstrated an ability to rethink their business model and apply advanced technologies in innovative ways that manufacturers everywhere would be well served to emulate,” said David R. Brousell, editor-in-chief of Manufacturing Enterprise Communications.  For the fourth year in a row, Mohawk Fine Papers has been named a winner of the... Keep Reading »

Mohawk Joins SmartWay

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“Mohawk seeks out tools, resources and systems that advance sustainable efforts. Joining the SmartWay Transport Partnership, is yet another step Mohawk can take to lessen its impact on the environment,” said George Milner, Senior Vice President Energy, Environmental and Government Affairs. Mohawk Fine Papers is now a SmartWay... Keep Reading »

Find an HP Indigo Printer Near You

Where do you go when you need to find an HP Indigo printer? Check out the Dscoop Online Print Directory at Digital Print Rocks. The directory lets you find the printer that’s right for you based on location and capabilities. Brought to you by Hewlett Packard, Digital Print Rocks is a resource for... Keep Reading »

Mohawk Listed as Top EPA Green Power Partner

Mohawk remains one of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Top 50 Green Power Partners, currently ranking as No. 32 on the list, as well as ranking No. 9 on the list of 100% Green Power Purchasers. Mohawk joins other leading renewable energy purchasers such as Intel Corporation, Keep Reading »

FM Global Presents Award of Excellence to Mohawk

An Award of Excellence was recently presented to Mohawk Fine Papers by FM Global. The award was presented in recognition of Mohawk’s dedication and commitment to loss prevention. “Mohawk has excelled in its efforts to protect the value that the business creates. They are committed to eliminating and managing the risks associated with... Keep Reading »

Mohawk Helps Plant Over 1,200 Trees for Arbor Day

With the support of Mohawk Fine Papers and its customers, the Arbor Day Foundation has been able to plant 1,289 trees in the Boys Colony Forest. Once grown, these trees will be vital in preventing the erosion of soils into Lake Tuscaloosa and the surrounding watershed. There’s still time to plant more trees. Mohawk... Keep Reading »

Breaking News: Mohawk Presents The Living Principles, New Site Launches Today

Mohawk Fine Papers is the proud presenting sponsor for The Living Principles. The new, collaborative website launches today. By challenging the conventional triple bottom line paradigm, and creating four integrated streams: environmental, social, economic and cultural, The Living Principles promote an important shift in sustainability thinking. We look forward to using The Living Principles... Keep Reading »